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The SCRAM characteristics are designed to have a comedic and appealing design to satisfy a large variety of different players. The gameplay is intended to have enough diversity to portrait multiple different aspects of gameplay.


SCRAM's currently released game mode. 

Play as either a mutant or a human. As a human, you must call for help and wait until rescue arrives. You will become a mutant if you're killed. As a mutant, you must stop the humans from escaping and eradicate every single one of them.


Wear items and any cosmetic equipment of your choice! Customize your character however you'd like!


User data is saved locally. Every item is free at the moment. This will be reset and remade when accounts are finally released.


This game is free! The downloads are temporarily open, so feel free to download below! 


Meet SCRAM's Discord community here!


You may get reserved for prizes by testing early!


By supporting SCRAM on Patreon, you will help us create content faster and better. You will also get huge prizes only exclusive to you! You can donate here!

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Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Funny, Multiplayer, mutant, nuclear, Shooter, War, Zombies


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Windows 119 MB
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Linux 125 MB

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i was playing this game but last 2 days there are no servers . WHY ? when i create a game nobody comes ??? solve this problem i want to play this game sorry for my bad eng

Hi there! Please join our Discord to form a party.

how do i get prizes ive already joined the discord and i wanna earn some

Hi there. What is your Discord name?

great game ive been playing it for a while now and ive yet to see any glitches

Thank you!

hey, it appears there are no servers

Hey! Please join our Discord to ask others to play. Thanks!


add a mode vs bots pls

My hot bar is blocking the way.

Hi there! Do you have a screenshot?



How would you join a server?

Hi, you can click on a server to join it. Or you can click quick join.

downloaded from there the game does not start as it starts?

produces this error failed to load mono

Hi, do you have the SCRAM_Data file? What OS are you running on?

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hi, have a way to make it to run windowed ?

i have two screen.. it run on both, half screen on each, scaled on largest one...

no response on keyboad or mouse when try to click buttons, isn't playable.

alt-tab, ctrl-q or alt-f4 blocked by game ? so cannot leave by another way killing process...

tried on linux x86_64 (debian)

Hello there! If you go in Options either in home menu or in-game pause menu, you will see you can untick "fullscreen" and switch resolutions.

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thanks for the answer, but cannot reach Options menu..

mouse click or keyboard doesn't respond, and this is what i see :

since no controller response, my computer is blocked on that screen until i kill scram's process

That is indeed very strange. Are you able to press any buttons?

(Edited 1 time)

i wasn't with the full both screen, but i won to run it windowed or "mono full screen", and game works :)

under .configs/unity3d/spleen/scram, i found prefs file where default screen was "-1", and resolution height was mylargest screen height, resolution width was (screen1 width + screen2 width)..
i put 0 on fullscreen mode, 1 for default screen, and correct the screen width, all graphics are ok :)

but.. i have no sound :(

i looked unders options but volume is already on max.

anyway, graphs looking fun

This game is amazing! Ever tried greenlighting it?

Thanks! Steam Greenlight doesn't exist anymore!

Nice game I wish there were more players so there would be full servers!

Hi there! Thanks, we think the same!

How do you connect exactly? Does it just automatically connect to a server with people on it?

Sorry,  I'm a bit clueless here.

Hi there! Yes, indeed. You can simply host or join a server. 

Great game ! 


Was looking forward to this! Sadly I get SIGABRT when trying to run it :(

OS - Linux Mint 18.2 64bit 

Installed lib32stdc++6, will try and see if there are any other dependencies missing.

Hi there, have you got it working?